Saint Mary's University Initiatives

Saint Mary's believes student education centered in ethical leadership is the way to a better world. The eight core priorities, reflect the breadth of Saint Mary's mission and the depth of our commitment to empowering learners to live ethical lives of service and leadership.

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Saint Mary's is building the ideal environment for students who aspire to careers of consequence in science. The new Science and Learning Center will give our students an even greater advantage. Learn more

With innovative majors, hands-on learning opportunities, and inventive teaching methods, Saint Mary’s University is providing its business students with more than just a degree, but with the skills, passion, and ethics needed to lead in today’s business climate. Learn more

Saint Mary's First Generation Initiative was created to break down barriers to higher education by providing high potential students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds with not only financial support, but also academic support. Through the generosity of benefactors, First Generation Scholars receive full financial support. Learn more

To help us maintain our edge as a leader in graduate education, we are looking to transform existing facilities into multi-faceted areas of learning. Our goal is to create a robust student community on our commuter campus that promotes meaningful interactions between students and faculty alike. Learn more

Making education affordable and accessible is at the core of our mission at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. Scholarships open doors to opportunities, not only to attend college, but also to experience it at its fullest. Learn more

Intercollegiate athletics has been a vital part of the Saint Mary's University experience from its earliest beginnings. Gifts to athletics will enhance the development of athletic programs and facilities, allow the university the ability to recruit talented student athletes, and attract and retain outstanding coaches. Learn more

The legacy handed down more than 300 years ago by Saint John Baptist de La Salle and the De La Salle Christian Brothers continues to thrive. This vital charism—the gift of De La Salle and his Brothers to Church and society—is evident in so many aspects of the work being done at Saint Mary's. Learn more

The Saint Mary's Fund is a powerful source of current use, unrestricted funding that supports financial aid and scholarships, initiatives enhancing that student experience, and allows Saint Mary's the flexibility to meet challenges and explore new opportunities annually. Learn more