Twin Cities Campus Initiative

From Transaction to Transformation

Our Twin Cities programs for adult learners represent the entrepreneurial spirit of Saint Mary’s at its best. These students may initially turn to us because of our flexibility and convenience, but what starts as a transaction quickly becomes a transformation. Every Saint Mary’s student, whether an undergraduate or graduate student, can point to a “Saint Mary’s moment,” that moment when “ethical leadership” changes from a far-off promise to the definition of their character. The world needs more people who have had these experiences—people who know that teamwork is essential to success, who can articulate a vision and rally diverse stakeholders, leaders who are grounded with unshakable ethics.

The Ideal Learning Enviorment

The needs of today’s students are constantly evolving, and our learning environments need to adapt to meet the demands of our diverse areas of study. To help us maintain our edge as a leader in graduate education, we’re looking to transform existing facilities into multifaceted areas of learning. We plan to convert the newly acquired carriage house on the Twin Cities Campus into a multi-disciplinary learning environment. Our goal is to create a robust student community on our commuter campus, beginning with the university’s carriage house. Spaces will be designed to promote collaboration between students and strategically located to promote meaningful interactions between students and faculty. These spaces will be ideal locations for students to meet, study, and socialize before and after classes.

Designed for Collaboration 

The entire Saint Mary’s community has been considered in this redesign. Faculty spaces will promote collaboration and team teaching approaches. Classrooms will be designed to promote collaboration and project-based learning. These classrooms allow students to share their own digital content with small groups and the entire class. Furniture can be organized to support multiple teaching methods including traditional lecture and group discussions. Spaces will be designed for the creation, editing, and publishing of digital content. Technology classrooms and distance learning classrooms allow students to review materials on their own or as part of a larger class. Individual review and recording rooms will allow for acoustic and visual privacy.

A Greater Purpose and a Bigger Impact

By expanding and upgrading our campus, we can continue to align our educational priorities with broad workforce needs, while offering employers highly customized programs. We’ll also expand technology in the classroom and develop signature online offerings that reflect both the latest instructional techniques and Saint Mary’s values. With your help, we’ll build even stronger partnerships with the business community, and produce more professionals who are not only great at what they do, but also great at bringing out the best in others.

Students in the graduate and professional programs are making sacrifices to further their education. It’s a struggle to carefully balance classwork and studying with the demands of their existing careers and cherished family life. We know how valuable their time is, and we want to help these adult learners gain the most from every second spent on our Twin Cities Campus.