Alumni Chapters/Groups

The Saint Mary's Alumni Association is proud to have a chapter/groups program.  The alumni association is open to growing this program to other affinity, program-specific, and geographic areas.

If interested in starting a chapter or a group please contact the Alumni Office at 507-457-1499.

Alumni Chapters

Chapters are considered formal organizations and must be approved by the Alumni Board of Directors. They can be formed for a specific academic program, affinity, profession/industry, or geographic area.Specific programming is geared toward the interests of chapter member and are promoted and financially supported by the university.

M.B.A. Alumni Chapter

Alumni Groups

These informal organizations are recognized by the alumni association, but they do not need to be approved by the Alumni Board of Directors. Like chapters, alumni interest groups may be based on an academic program, profession, industry, affinity, or be geographic in nature.

Philanthropy & Development Alumni Group

School of Business and Technology Alumni Group

Human Development Alumni Group