Science Initiative


SAINT MARY'S UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA has long been a place where the study of science comes alive for young men and women - whether it's the culmination of a lifelong dream or a newly discovered passion. We offer a program that's far beyond the norm: in our small classes, students study alongside professors whose commitment to research is matched by their dedication to teaching.

NOW WE ARE GEARING UP to significantly increase the capacity of our science program and unleash its full potential. With your support, we can attract more students, meet the demands of ever-evolving fields, maintain our highly personal approach, and prepare graduates to lead by virtue of both their cutting-edge skills and their Lasallian values.




THROUGH ITS UNDERGRADUATE AND GRADUATE PROGRAMS, Saint Mary'd will build, nurture and cultivate a community of innovators that collaborate across science disciplines within the university and its partners, and it will encourage courageous scientific risk-taking in the promotion of promising endeavors. With institutional and philanthropic partners, graduate and undergraduate students will have access to premier laboratory and research facilities and state-of-the-art space that fosters collaborative science learning, research, and practice.
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota will be committed to preparing its students for the following three domains:

1) Professional school in the medical fields and graduate school in science research and environmental sciences.

2) Healthcare fields and professions.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education at the K-12 levels.

WE'RE BUILDING THE IDEAL ENVIRONMENT for students who aspire to careers of consequence in science.

Employers know we graduate leaders with character. The new science center, built to drive impressive outcomes, will give our students an even greater career advantage.
Your gift will ensure that Saint Mary's has the resources to:

Equip our education majors to be inspiring, innovative teachers of STEM subjects.

Educate health professionals who can make enduring contributions to the well-being of families and communities.

Provide the rigorous training students need to succeed in highly competitive graduate and professional programs in medicine, research, and environmental sciences.

THE PEOPLE WHO GIVE TO US believe that a Saint Mary's education serves a greater purpose. In some way or another, they have all seen or experienced the power of a Saint Mary's moment.
In word and ethics, Saint Mary's people transform every place they enter. Your gift to Saint Mary's is a chance to have a significant impact on an institution that improves the lives of everyone it touches.

Preparing students for professional school in the medical fields and graduate school in science research and environmental sciences.

Accelerating innovation through interdisciplinary cooperation in science disciplines of biology, chemistry, mathematics and statistics, physics, ans well as psychology and emerging technologies, drive the vision of 21st-century science at Saint Mary's. Pre-professional programs, such as pre-med, enjoy a long tradition and stellar reputation in successfully preparing students for advanced programs. Saint Mary's will seek out and secure strategic partnerships with research facilities, clinical sites, and graduate schools that bring together students, scientists and health care professionals to address the complex areas of global concern. This integration will provide the relevant training and practical experience that will make Saint Mary's graduates among the best prepared and most competitive.
Preparation for healthcare fields and professions

Saint Mary's University campuses in the Twin Cities and Winona are situated within one of the fastest growing medical corridors in the United States. Saint Mary's will be known nationally for the preparation of undergraduate and graduate students for successful practice in healthcare fields and professions. Students from the Graduate School of Health and Human Services will be led by expert faculty-practitioners through leading edge methodologies and technology that open new areas for inquiry and drive a dynamic curriculum that meet the ongoing needs of society.
Preparation for teacher education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at the K-12 levels

As a modern expression of its Lasallian heritage, the Saint Mary's undergraduate and graduate schools of education will be a leader at all levels in educating highly competent teacher-scientists, sensitive and equipped to address the cultural realities facing students. Saint Mary's will be a leader in advancing STEM education by employing active, collaborative, project -based teaching methods that create more effective, meaningful and successful models for science education.

Science and Learning Center

Virtually step inside our new Science and Learning Center through these 360-degree panoramic artist's renderings of the facility. Construction is right on schedule, and the facility will be open for classes in fall of 2017.


Sustainable features and a "green design" will help protect the integrity of our remarkable environmental setting.